Dec 25, 2010

Christmas and the temples of Angkor Wat - Day 80

I hope everyone at home has had a fabulous Christmas, with lots of snow! (Which I know you have, haha)
This is how we celebrated Christmas yesterday:
 Ta Promh. This is where they filmed Tomb Raider. We of course felt exactly like Lara Croft, and filmed a dozen treasure hunt videos to prove it. To bad it's not possible to upload them...
 Ta Promh

Can you spot Sophia?

 Pre Rup

 Eastern Mebon

 Ta Som

 Neak Pean

 Preah Khan

 First Christmas dinner of several....
 Trying to get into Christmas mode
 The night market. My wallet and my budget hates this place.
 Getting ready to celebrate Christmas Eve with a couple of French, Swedes, Indians, Ukrainians and Spaniards.
Right now....
Okay, so might have gotten a little carried away with the pictures, but have nothing better to do when Ruut and Sophia are sleeping, and the temples truly were awesome! We got slightly tired of them in the end though, and saved the big hitters, Angkor Wat itself, Bayon and the town of Angkor Thom for tomorrow. be prepared for even more pictures then! 


Anonymous said...

Juldagen och nu jag kan skriva till er! Det har varit roligt att följa med er resa och alla fina bilder, så mycket intressant ni har varit med om. Firade julafton på Bredavägen och vi saknade Sophia liksom säkert Ruts och Hannas familjer också saknade dem. Dags att vända hemåt?
Kram till er alla tre Sophias mormor.

Emily said...

So beautiful, Hanna! Those temples and trees are amazing! How much longer will you be traveling? Happy New Year!